DNS Port Forwarding

Added by John Bentley over 10 years ago

Hello all,

First, we use all mac servers here, and we have a brand new mac mini server set up for the wiki.

That being said our DNS server is set up, so that when we type in wiki.company.com it will bring us to the IP address of the wiki (, but since the wiki is open on port 3000 it doesn't automatically open up, instead it opens up the default mac web server web page.
I would really like it to bypass this and just open up the wiki, I know that you can;t specify ports in the DNS, so I am assuming you have to do this locally in the wiki?

Does anyone how to do this, or some good resources I can look at.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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RE: DNS Port Forwarding - Added by Steve F. over 10 years ago

two ways:

1. disable mac webserver (or change port number) and change your wiki to port 80

2. edit mac webserver default page and use one of the methods described at h t t p :// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_redirection to redirect to your wiki page.