anyone has met this issue?

Added by Steven Wong over 11 years ago

I really do not know why it happened .

when several user use redmine in the same time ,ex. when userA report issue and submit, but the author would be modified to userB.

Please help me...

Thanks much.

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RE: anyone has met this issue? - Added by Steven Wong about 11 years ago


so do I. it seems no efficiency.

and any other way to test and solve it???

Tobias Eskowitz wrote:

Tobias Eskowitz wrote:

Etienne Massip wrote:

Tobias Eskowitz wrote:

In public there are some/many files (css, js, png, gif) of various plugins which are not installed anymore.

That´s the only difference.

Would it make sense to delete all these files and have a look if the error is solved?

Yes it would.

I did the change 19 hours ago - the problem did not occurred up to now. But: The CSS get lost sometimes at some PCs... Refresh the website helps. Any idea?

See attached image...

Okay... 3 minutes ago the user-switch-problem occurred again. It seems the CSS-load-errors is caused by the same error/mistake, doesn´t it?

RE: anyone has met this issue? - Added by Tobias Eskowitz about 11 years ago

Etienne Massip wrote:

Maybe you should have cleared the cache again after assets deletion?

Of course, I have cleared the cache after assets deletion and before restart Redmine.

Is there any way to debug?