Redmine upgrade from 0.5.1 to 0.6.3

Added by Victor Batista about 15 years ago

I have just upgraded my redmine from version 0.5.1 to 0.6.3. I followed the upgrade steps, but it was not successful. I have the following identified problems:
1) The list of projects and assigned persons is ok. Although, if I try to create a new issue, the list "Assigned to" is empty, ie, I can't assign issues to anyone;
2) If I login with a user who is not a global Administrator, the user can't see the options "Documents", "Wiki" and "Files".

I don't have a a DB backup :(

What can I do to get things ok?

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Redmine upgrade from 0.5.1 to 0.6.3 - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 15 years ago

This is due to the change for a finest role management. Connect as administrator, then Role and permissions then check the matrix for each role.
There's another new feature in 0.6.3 that say if a user can be assigned for an issue: see user profile.