No information from sub-projects showing in parent

Added by Jeffrey Jones over 11 years ago

Hello all

I have been away from Redmine for a while (couple of years) and just installed 2.1.4 for the company I am working for.

I have created 3 projects

Project A
- Project B
- Project C

Projects B and C are children of Project A

Now, in the Redmine that I remembered all issues entered on Projects B and C would be displayed on Project A's overview page, issue list, calendar and gantt chart.

However this is not happening in this new installation.

I had a look around and saw that I might have to do some version related stuff so I created a version on Project A (shared with sub-projects) and assigned tickets from Projects B and C to it.

While this then displays properly on the sub-project's gantt charts the parent project is once again empty on all screens.

Am I missing something? Had the Redmine functionality changed? Is there a special step needed now to get parent projects to include sub-project information?