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08:44 Redmine Help: No information from sub-projects showing in parent
Hello all
I have been away from Redmine for a while (couple of years) and just installed 2.1.4 for the company I a...
Jeffrey Jones


09:09 Redmine Help: RE: Ticket commits
After doing a bit more searching and coming across "cross project" keywords to search upon I have found the issue.
Jeffrey Jones
09:01 Redmine Help: Ticket commits
I have just noticed that relevant commits are not showing up on the issue page anymore if the commits are not in EXAC... Jeffrey Jones


06:40 Redmine Defect #8399: openid logins not working with 2.0 redirects
Looks like the controller that open_id_redirect_url points to just needs to skip the checking of the authenticity tok... Jeffrey Jones


09:27 Redmine Feature #8392: Grant access to particular Wiki page
Would you guys expect to be able to do something like:
Page A can only be viewed by users A B C?
Page B can only ...
Jeffrey Jones


08:40 Redmine Plugins: RE: Not finding git command?
Updating configuration.yml with the absolute path to git executable fixed this issue for me (/usr/local/bin/git). Jeffrey Jones
08:37 Redmine Plugins: RE: Not finding git command?
And just noticed that I have lost access to all git repos which were working without trouble in the last stable relea... Jeffrey Jones
08:32 Redmine Plugins: RE: Not finding git command?
Just ran into the same sort of problem in redmine-trunk... Jeffrey Jones
06:15 Redmine Defect #8366: Gantt Version Ordering
Just figured it out I think. It appears to currently order them by the earliest issue ID for each version. Again a da... Jeffrey Jones
06:13 Redmine Defect #8366 (Closed): Gantt Version Ordering
I am not currently sure how versions are ordered on the Gantt chart for each project but it doesn't appear to make mu... Jeffrey Jones

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