receiving emails problem

Added by rey rey almost 8 years ago

hello all
i having troubles receiving emails, i have only one project, i trust in all my users because I’m using redmine in a local network, i need skip to make my users to put the project: foo track:bar so i need to make import all emails from my users to an account no matter the project and the body format.
for example if an user send a email saying in the body: "hello all my account is locket" I want to receive this mail no matter the project, tracker .. etc..
Exist some way or tweak to do this????

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RE: receiving emails problem - Added by Diego Fernández over 7 years ago

Sorry for my very bad english.
Why method are you using to get mails?

You can try to add in your script to get mails:
unknown_user=accept no_permission_check=1