Redmine Receiving Emails - IMAP Issue

Added by John Reynolds over 11 years ago


My config is a bit Windows centric (i.e. InstantRails, Exchange, etc.) but it all works perfectly.
We set up Exchange to allow IMAP so that we could start using the send-to-redmine feature for issues.
I've configured (and run in command window) the following script:

cd c:\instantrails2.0\rails_apps\redmine-0.8.0\
rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV="production" username=foo password=bar project=it tracker=support allow_override=tracker,priority

When I watch the IMAP folder of the user, I can see the message go from new to 'read', but it is not removed, and no issue is created.
According to the docs, this means the project doesn't exist or the user email has no match, or the user isn't part of the project. However, none of these is the case.

I've been trying to find a "trace" of what rake is doing and receives, but can't seem to track anything down - using rake -v doesn't produce any extra messages. I've looked in the log directory and don't see anything.

Any ideas?

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RE: Redmine Receiving Emails - IMAP Issue - Added by Eric Davis over 11 years ago

You can run rake --trace to get more verbose messages.


RE: Redmine Receiving Emails - IMAP Issue - Added by Robert Hammer over 11 years ago

Hello, I had the same problem ... after enabling the debug loggin in the production.rb in config/environments

  1. No email in production log
    #config.action_mailer.logger = nil

config.action_mailer.logger = + "/../../log/#{RAILS_ENV}.log")
config.action_mailer.logger.level = Logger::DEBUG

i saw the follgowing line at the end of the parsing email

Validation failed: Custom values activerecord_error_invalid, Custom values activerecord_error_invalid

The problem was the following. I created two custom fields with the required attribute enabled and the parser was not able to fill these two fields with data ...
after unchecking the required checkbox ... email receiving was working ...

hope this helps