News email notification never made.

Added by Richard Bae over 7 years ago

Hi everyone.

Somebody, please help me to receive News E-mail notification.
To solve this proble, I can give you any information about my redmine system.

First, my Redmine is like below:

# RAILS_ENV=production script/about

  Redmine version                          2.1.5.stable.11086
  Ruby version                             1.8.8 (x86_64-linux)
  Rails version                            3.2.8
  Environment                              production
  Database adapter                         MySQL
Redmine plugins:
  redmine_boards_watchers                  0.2.3
  redmine_mylyn_connector                  2.8.2.stable

I configured E-mail notification when News added or updated, as well as Issue email notification.
so I can receive any E-mail about any issues.
But, In News case, I can't. I don't what's the problem.
The logs when I create a News is like this:

Started POST "/boards/3/topics/new" for at Wed Feb 20 10:59:05 +0900 2013
Processing by MessagesController#new as HTML
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"ë§<8c>ë<93>¤ê¸°", "utf8"=>"â<9c><93>", "board_id"=>"3", "attachments"=>{"1"=>{"description"=>""}}, "authenticity_token"=>"XWkEeQ6WA0UxxNpIi4RdE6T6pTlVCeAt3bpgDHz1Hc0=", "message"=>{"subject"=>"[2ì<9b><94> ì<97><85>무]", "content"=>"h1. Hang (~2ì<9b><94> é<99><90>)\r\n* Agent\r\n  # Full GC 4ê°<9c> í<95>­ëª© ì<88><98>ì§<91>(Count, Time, Count Delta, Time Delta)\r\n* Server\r\n  # Full GC ì <95>ì±<85> ì<84>¤ì <95> í<8c><8c>ì<9d>¼(ê°<9c>ë³<84>)\r\n  # Full GC ì <95>ì±<85> ì <81>ì<9a>©(MongoDB ì<9d>½ì<96>´ì<84><9c>)\r\n* Web\r\n  # ë<8c><80>ì<8b><9c>ë³´ë<93><9c> ë°<8f> ë¶<84>ì<84><9d> í<99><94>ë©´ì<97><90> Full GC Avg Time ì¶<94>ê°<80>\r\nh1. 구매 CI그룹 (~2ì<9b><94> é<99><90>)\r\n* Agent\r\n  # Java 1.4 BCI ì§<80>ì<9b><90> ë¶<84>ì<84><9d>\r\n* Server\r\n  # \r\n* Web\r\n  # Weblogic 8.1.x, jdk 1.4, T3 í<94><84>ë¡<9c>í<86> ì½<9c>\r\n* 주ì<9d><98>\r\n  # ì§<80>ì<9b><90>ì<9d>´ ì<9e><98> ì<95><88>ë<90><98>ë©´ ì<96>´ì©<94> ì<88><98> ì<97><86>ì<9d><8c>\r\nh1. 2ì°¨ ê°<9c>ë°<9c> ì§<84>í<96><89>(2ì<9b><94>25ì<9d>¼ë¶<80>í<84>°)\r\n* Web\r\n  # ê°<9c>ë°<9c> ì<8b><9c>ì<9e><91>\r\n* Server\r\n  # Stand-alone Agent 기ë<8a>¥ ê°<9c>ë°<9c> ì§<84>í<96><89>\r\n* Agent\r\n  # ì<8b>¤ì <9c> ê°<9c>ë°<9c>ì<9d><80> 3ì<9b><94>ë¶<80>í<84>° ì<8b><9c>ì<9e><91>(ì<95><88>ì <95>ì<84>± ìµ<9c>ì<9a>°ì<84> )\r\n\r\n", "sticky"=>"0", "locked"=>"0"}}
  Current user: kimsumin (id=57)
  Rendered mailer/message_posted.text.erb within layouts/mailer (0.6ms)
  Rendered mailer/message_posted.html.erb within layouts/mailer (4.5ms)
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Thank you so much in advance.

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