Using cron jobs to send filtered issue to an email

Added by Stamos Yang over 9 years ago

Good Day,

Is there any plugins or a way that can automatically filter an issue, export it to excel and send it thru email everyday at exact time?

also we're using Redmine 1.2.1

someone told me that you can do this with a cronjob on the server?
This is the example he gave me:

curl http://yourdomain/projects/redmine/issues.*csv*?query_id=*THE ID OF YOUR SAVED FILTER/QUERY*

On a normal configured Linux server, you can define this as a cronjob, which will by default mail the result of this request to a configured user.


crontab -e
0 6 * * * MyUser curl

This will create an autotask, which will run under "MyUser" and request the defined url via curl and pass the result to the usermail which is hold by "MyUser", just for example.

You have to define this on your own. We won't know which configuration is used on your machine.

but what if the filter is

due date in more than 1 day

and what does it mean MyUSer? Username of the User? like let say I have a user id JOHN_GO then it's JOHN_GO curl ....?

Please support me.. thanks

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