Redmine mail configuration with server zimbra

Added by Erick Hernandez over 8 years ago

hi good day to all.

sorry for opening this new topic, but I'm having problems trying to set up my redmine server with email sending a mail server zimbra my redmine management system and sending me runs right through gmail, but I need to configure it with my business email account.

Anyone have an idea how to configure the configuration.yml or / and mail.yml

the data from my mail server are:

sending email:

POP3 server:
certificate: SSL / TLS
Port: 995

Receiving mail:

SMTP server:
port: 465
certificate: SSL / TLS

At least those are the settings with which I access from a client to my server mail

o sorry for my bad english.


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RE: Redmine mail configuration with server zimbra - Added by Mike Acc almost 8 years ago

did you find a solution for Zimbra smtp integration.
We also want to send mail via our Zimbra server.
We using smtp via ssl. But so var no success.
Just getting (535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: authentication failure )