All AJAX broken on new install

Added by Darryn Jones over 11 years ago


Redmine 0.8.0

Ruby version 1.8.5 (i386-linux)
RubyGems version 1.3.1
Rails version 2.1.2
Active Record version 2.1.2
Action Pack version 2.1.2
Active Resource version 2.1.2
Action Mailer version 2.1.2
Active Support version 2.1.2
Edge Rails revision unknown
Application root XXXXXXXXXXXX
Environment production
Database adapter mysql

Linux 2.6.18-53.1.13.el5

MySQL 4.1.22-standard

Mongrel 1.1.5


All AJAX is broken on a new install of Redmine. Everything else works OK (as far as I can tell).

Whenever I try to perform an action that uses AJAX, all that happens is a box pops up with "loading" and an animated circle. After a whiles the Loading box goes away. This happens when:
  • Trying to add a user to a project via Administration / Projects (although I can work around this by performing the same task in Administration / Users - which doesn't use AJAX)
  • Trying to change Filters
  • Trying to add categories, when creating a New Issue

These are examples. Whenever the Loading box pops up, I know that nothing will happen.

(I have previously written about this in [[]] but I posted this again as it is a more clear description of the problem)

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