How to attach email messages by file upload.

Added by Svenn Bjerkem over 13 years ago

During development I have contact with an external consultant who send me emails. I wonder how I can attach these emails efficiently in Redmine. I have tried both printing to pdf and attaching as file to issues and wiki pages (works well) and as plain text files in application/mbox mime format which is what I prefer, but that does not work very well as Firefox asks me where to save the file instead of showing me the text. I have searched without success how to take emails in application/mbox format and get a useful text/plain format.

Reason I want to do this is that I have a wiki page with meeting minutes the way we see things, and we receive emails with the minutes the way our consultant see things. These emails often have attachments glued to them and I want to attach each message just the way we receive them to have a common archive among the project members. The ability to read the contents of those uploaded email messages within the browser is what I am looking for. If this is a plugin in firefox or Redmine is not important, but most hits I get from searching is more about sending emails than reading them. Any suggestions?