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21:16 Redmine Help: How to attach email messages by file upload.
During development I have contact with an external consultant who send me emails. I wonder how I can attach these ema... Svenn Bjerkem


20:10 Redmine Feature #2353: Easy way to upload images to tasks, then comment on them.
I work with electronics and it is very often needed to provide screenshots for documentation purposes. If a thumb...
Svenn Bjerkem


17:11 Redmine Help: RE: Use Calendar for meetings
> +1
> That would go one step further to a more complete groupware.
Adding Event as a new object would make i...
Svenn Bjerkem
17:03 Redmine Help: RE: Use of field 'status' and 'resolution' in the Redmine tracker
> In the Redmine tracking on Redmine, you've defined a field named 'Resolution', with multiple values: 'fixed', 'wont... Svenn Bjerkem


20:14 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Log time for other users
Hi, I have just started with Redmine and RoR so I appologize if my suggestion is not implementable in the current ver... Svenn Bjerkem

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