Group Email Notifications for Specific Activities?

Added by Anonymous about 8 years ago

I'm looking for a way to send email notifications to a group of users on Redmine's "Issue Added" activity. I've seen tons of question relating to this idea in both the issue logs and the forums, so far the only one I've found that matches my question exactly hasn't had any activity in almost 5 years though.

To visualise my setup, I currently have one group with the following 6 users:

  • Manager
  • Lead Developer
  • Developer 1
  • Developer 2
  • Developer 3
  • Software Tester

In the "Email Notification" settings, I'd like to keep the default notification option as "Only for things I watch or I'm involved in". Then only for the "Issue Added" action, I'd like the email to be sent to everyone in the group. Essentially, I think a type of Redmine action-specific email notification override setting is probably required here.. Unless there's some other short term option?

Logging a new feature request would too easily get lost in the noise with the 20 different ways people describe the 10 different assignment flows they want, all of which are closely related to each other. I have no objection to using plugins to add missing functionality, however I do not know Ruby (I can follow the code and make minor modifications though), so writing my own plugin is not an option right now.

Anyone have any bright ideas here?

Edit: For the record, I know can achieve this using email groups from Exchange Server, whereby I can create a Redmine user with a group email alias (which includes all above mentioned users) and simply set that as the default assignee for new issues.... I would prefer to do this all through Redmine itself if possible though.

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RE: Group Email Notifications for Specific Activities? - Added by Tim Schoffelman over 7 years ago

+1 This would be a handy feature. I understand the benefit of assigning tasks to groups, but it would be nice if the users associated with those groups would have the option of being emailed.