Uploading Documents, Files - Error

Added by Juan Rodriguez over 8 years ago

I have recently installed Redmine V2.4.1 on Ubuntu Kyling (13.10) VM. When attempting to upload any document of any size to a new issue or to the corresponding Documents and Files tabs then the upload fails displaying "error" as shown in the attached screen shot. I have read other posts where users are having issues uploading due to browsers or internal error 500. I have the latest firefox browser and are not receiving internal error 500 as others. Has anyone else experienced the same issue and if so, how can this be fixed. We would like to not only be able to attach files but files larger than 10MB without any issues. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

EDIT: I am attaching the Information seen under the Administrator settings as I noticed the ability to write attachments is not enabled in this install. If someone could please help me enable these features.

Screenshot from 2013-12-19 16_25_29.png - Uploading text file (10.9 KB)

Screenshot from 2013-12-19 16_53_59.png - Information (19.4 KB)

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RE: Uploading Documents, Files - Error - Added by Anonymous over 8 years ago


did you check for file system permissions on your installation? Do not forget that redmine is acting under apache and thus as user "www-data" and file system permissions have to be set accordingly.