Project Status / File Attachements question

Added by Daniel Chu over 14 years ago

Hi everyone,

First of all, our team's response to Redmine has been very positive, but I have a couple questions about Redmine, as our team has started to use it extensively, more and more questions are arising:

  1. Can you change the status of a project?
  2. We are hosting Redmine on a dedicated mongrel cluster, currently uploading large file attachements (15mb+) is really slow, is there a way of speeding this up? Or do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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RE: Project Status / File Attachements question - Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 14 years ago

Hi Daniel,

1. What kind of status have you in mind? A project can currently be archived or not. Its visibleness depends upon user role
2. Uploading depend half on the web server your using in front of your cluster, half on redmine.