Change the default value of screening

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How to change the default value of screening?

the default is "open"
Can it be changed to "any"?
Want to show all issues

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RE: Change the default value of screening - Added by Mischa The Evil over 8 years ago

Redmine is specifically designed to behave this way. See the following two tests:

You could modify the value yourself though. The default filter is initialized on source:/trunk/app/models/issue_query.rb@13458#L71. It looks like this:

    self.filters ||= { 'status_id' => {:operator => "o", :values => [""]} }

If you want the default filter to be ':status => any' instead of ':status => open' you need to change the above snippet to look like:

    self.filters ||= { 'status_id' => {:operator => "*", :values => [""]} }

For a list of the operators you can see source:/trunk/app/models/query.rb@13458#L167.

Note that when you make a change like this in your instance, you are actually breaking the test suite as the mentioned tests will start to generate test failures.