Pending effort be assignee?

Added by Robyn Penfold over 2 years ago


We've just started usingf the Scrum plugin to manage our workload. The way our tasks are, we're working more in an agile way than a true Scrum way. That is that tasks are assigned to specific people at the start of the sprint rather than anyone being able to take any task.

I was wondering if there is a way to report the allocated pending effort by assignee rather than just for the overall Sprint? This would really help with our allocation of tasks as currently we're doing this manually.

I understand that this isn't really how Scrum is intended to work but we're currently in a transition from using a pure waterfall approach so for the time being it is how we have to work.

Update: I've just realised I posted this in the wrong place. I meant to post in in the Scrum plugin forum not the general redmine forum. I don't seem to have an option to close this issue, but please consider it closed as I've now located the plugin forum that I need and hence don't expect an answer here. (Sorry - first post, oops)

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RE: Pending effort be assignee? - Added by Goran Antanasijevic over 1 year ago

Hi Robyn,

We use Redmine the same way, but still wandering around. Do you have any tutorial how to use scrum plugin? I could not find anything on the net, just basic manuals for redmine. I assume you create tasks at scrum planning meeting and crate it in Redmine. What happens to task if developer does not finish task by the end of the sprint. Do you transfer task on next sprint or create new task for the next sprint with the same name?

Thanks in advance