How to display the IP address in an Issue

Added by Bitaseme M almost 7 years ago


I have a Redmine instance set up and I want to be able to grab the ip address of the device that the author submitted an issue from and include it amongst the issue fields (along with status, priority, etc). I've attempted to do this in custom workflows but I'm wondering if a plugin would be better for maintenance reasons (ie. Redmine updates and my custom workflow no longer works).

Also is this possible to do with ruby on rails alone or will i need to pull in the assistance of some other tools? I've tested the request.remote_ip method as a custom workflow when I first attempted this but Ruby is complaining about request being undefined. require 'request' doesn't seem to work either since the library can't be found.

Being that rails uses the MVC design pattern, would I have to go and create a model, controller, and view solely for this purpose? Seems like overkill, but seeing as how the request.remote_ip method isn't available through a view, it had me wondering about it.