How to relate issues?

Added by Alex Zuev over 3 years ago

Hi everyone!

How to relate current issue with another one I just created?

I've created an issue with script:

@need_create = status_id_changed? && status_id==9 && !new_record?

    issue =`
    :author => User.current,
    :project => project,
    :tracker_id => 7,
    :assigned_to => Group.find(17),
    :subject => self.subject,
    :description => self.description)!

I need to relate this new issue with the old one? Do I need to create a new process?

I've tried:

    :issue_from_id => id,
    :relation_type => 'relates'

it doesn't work

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RE: How to relate issues? - Added by Mischa The Evil over 3 years ago

Some suggestions to look at for pointers and examples: