Images not showing up in wiki export (pdf or html)

Added by Hal Glenn about 2 years ago

I'm assuming this is something that I did but really can't seem to figure it out. The images are attached to the wiki page and display correctly in browser, but when a pdf or html export is selected they show up blank in the resulting document.

They are referenced in the document with the typical

!filename.png! or !filename.jpg! syntax.

here is an image of our general settings. This may have broken on an upgrade from version 2 to version 3 base code.

I've turned on debug logging but no useful info seems to show up in the log when a the pdf/html is generated except for maybe this comment in the log that seemed to correlate with generating the PDF.

  Couldn't find template for digesting: attachments/download
Sent file /opt/redmine-3.4/files/2016/04/160428105602_screenshot_2_1461859052.png (0.1ms)

lastly, if I view the html export source that does not have an image displayed in it has the following information in it. maybe useful?

<p>Figure 1. High-level Process Interaction Diagram<br />
<img src="/redmine-testing/attachments/download/77/screenshot_2_1464982583.png" alt="" /> <br /></p>

Also PDF's generated from issues appear correctly in the document.

Capture.PNG (30.7 KB)

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RE: Images not showing up in wiki export (pdf or html) - Added by Immanuel Wilhelmy about 2 years ago

Just guessing: is there any gem (imagemagick or related) to be additionally installed? Your configuration looks fine (very similar to mine on 3.3.). I know that redmine has PDF-export issues when scaling images by percentages as in !{width:50%}image.png! and sometimes behaves different on pngs and jpgs. But this does not seem to be your problem.

RE: Images not showing up in wiki export (pdf or html) - Added by Hal Glenn almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the replay Immanuel,

When I do a bundle install all seems to be right with the world. I've removed every plug in as well and the behavior is the same.

It does not seem to follow with image attributes like width etc, but I will play with that, thanks for the suggestion.

Also, we have large attachments allowed for our system, like 100meg, but I don't see how that could brake things for PDF exports.

I wish there was some place where an error was logged, I can't seem to figure out where to look for something that is breaking, I'm out of ideas on how to debug.

RE: Images not showing up in wiki export (pdf or html) - Added by filippo mandelli almost 2 years ago

filippo mandelli wrote:

I have same problem:

in case of HTML i fix problem using (

In case of PDF i found clipboard_image_paste generate bitmap 32 bit depth (