Redmine API Authentication

Added by sanjana shyamaraya over 2 years ago

Hi ,

We have created a sample project in the below DEMO environment of Redmine.

we are trying to insert/update issues via Redmine API but we are facing an authentication issue. we got to know like for create/ Update of issue using Redmine API requires changes in Authentication.
To enable the API-style authentication, have to check Enable REST API in *Administration-> Settings-> Authentication. *

Administration tab is not visible for my account in the demo version.Is there any way to check enable REST API.

could you please guide us on this like how to proceed with insert/update of issues into the Redmine using Redmine API.


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RE: Redmine API Authentication - Added by Go MAEDA over 2 years ago

You can check on "My account" page whether the REST API feature is enabled. If you can see "API access key" section in the sidebar on the page, REST API is enabled.

It seems that REST API is disabled on because I see only "Atom access key" section in the sidebar on "My Account" page. So, you cannot use to play with REST API.