Add Field to Existing Redmine Project

Added by Jola Peil over 1 year ago

Hi All, I have redmine v3.3.0 with a project that's in use and has hundreds of issues (records). I need to add a field to this project and populate that field with the value found in another field of that same record. But I must end up with the same issue numbers I had before. I've tried exporting all of the data to a csv file, adding the field, then importing from the csv file assigning the from field to the new field. That doesn't end up updating the original records but gives me twice as many records and the new ones have new issue numbers (but the correct data otherwise). Does anyone have any ideas? Here's what I need:

issue Field1 Field2
1 red buick
2 green ford
3 black chevy

needs to become:
issue Field1 Field2 Field3
1 red buick red
2 green ford green
3 black chevy black

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RE: Add Field to Existing Redmine Project - Added by Bernhard Rohloff over 1 year ago

Hi Jola,

welcome to the Redmine community!

What you are trying to do should be easy to achieve by making use of Redmine's REST API.
Just add the new field to your tracker and then create a script that fetches all issues based on the tracker, reads the value of Field1 and writes it to Field3.
My personal weapon of choice would be the great Python library

RE: Add Field to Existing Redmine Project - Added by Jola Peil about 1 year ago

When setting up to use python-redmine, I get stuck. In python I run:

from redminelib import Redmine
redmine = Redmine('my url', username='xyz', password='abc')
project = redmine.project.get('myproject')

then I get errors starting with ... in get return self.to_resource
and ending with
raise MissingSchema(error)

Does anyone have a clue?