Workflow for Software-Support

Added by Ingolf Steinhardt almost 14 years ago

Hi anybody,

I tested Redmine and I´m very thrilled!

I have a idea at a workflow and I`m not sure, thats possible:

I have
Software-User <---> my Company <----> I or any Freelancer

The user send me any questions, feature requests, bugs.

I dispatch the items at me or one or more freelancer and send a feedback at the user.

The user have two roles: reporter (R) (make tickets) and leader (L) (make tickets and can view my/company worktime).

The user should view only the company name at "assigned to" and I split and/or dispatch the ticket at me and/or freelancer...

At redmine is the same: If I open a new ticket, should I assigned to Azamat, Eric, or ....?? I dont know!

Sorry for my poor english!