Problems running Redmine after updating to Fedora 30

Added by Jens Pelzetter about 3 years ago

Hello all,

I recently updated a server which runs a Redmine Instance (version 4.0.4) from Fedora 29 to Fedora 30. Redmine is running there using the Apache HTTPD and mod_passenger. After the update Redmine isn't working anymore. I already tried to reinstall Redmine, but with no luck. In the Apache Error Log I can see the following message:

App 16352 stdout:
App 16352 stdout:
[ 2019-10-11 19:10:17.1430 15096/7fb784572700 age/Cor/App/Implementation.cpp:304 ]: Could not spawn process for application /srv/orga/redmine-4.0.4: An error occurred while starting up the preloader.
Error ID: 76283962
Error details saved to: /tmp/passenger-error-VPDO7J.html
Message from application: Expected to find a manifest file in `app/assets/config/manifest.js`
But did not, please create this file and use it to link any assets that need
to be rendered by your app:

//= link_tree ../images
//= link_directory ../javascripts .js
//= link_directory ../stylesheets .css
and restart your server (Sprockets::Railtie::ManifestNeededError)
/usr/share/gems/gems/sprockets-rails-3.2.1/lib/sprockets/railtie.rb:105:in `block in <class:Railtie>'
/usr/share/gems/gems/railties-5.2.3/lib/rails/initializable.rb:32:in `instance_exec'
/usr/share/gems/gems/railties-5.2.3/lib/rails/initializable.rb:32:in `run'
/usr/share/gems/gems/railties-5.2.3/lib/rails/initializable.rb:61:in `block in run_initializers'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:228:in `block in tsort_each'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:350:in `block (2 levels) in each_strongly_connected_component'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:431:in `each_strongly_connected_component_from'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:349:in `block in each_strongly_connected_component'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:347:in `each'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:347:in `call'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:347:in `each_strongly_connected_component'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:226:in `tsort_each'
/usr/share/ruby/tsort.rb:205:in `tsort_each'
/usr/share/gems/gems/railties-5.2.3/lib/rails/initializable.rb:60:in `run_initializers'
/usr/share/gems/gems/railties-5.2.3/lib/rails/application.rb:361:in `initialize!'
/srv/orga/redmine-4.0.4/config/environment.rb:14:in `<top (required)>' `require' `block in <main>'
/usr/share/gems/gems/rack-2.0.7/lib/rack/builder.rb:55:in `instance_eval'
/usr/share/gems/gems/rack-2.0.7/lib/rack/builder.rb:55:in `initialize' `new' `<main>'
/usr/share/passenger/helper-scripts/rack-preloader.rb:110:in `eval'
/usr/share/passenger/helper-scripts/rack-preloader.rb:110:in `preload_app'
/usr/share/passenger/helper-scripts/rack-preloader.rb:156:in `<module:App>'
/usr/share/passenger/helper-scripts/rack-preloader.rb:30:in `<module:PhusionPassenger>'
/usr/share/passenger/helper-scripts/rack-preloader.rb:29:in `<main>'

[ 2019-10-11 19:10:17.1490 15096/7fb7a4a43700 age/Cor/Con/CheckoutSession.cpp:283 ]: [Client 2-1] Cannot checkout session because a spawning error occurred. The identifier of the error is 76283962. Please see earlier logs for details about the error.


I don't have an idea what is wrong here. Any help is appreciated. Redmine is the only Ruby application in the server.

Thanks and best regards


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RE: Problems running Redmine after updating to Fedora 30 - Added by Mischa The Evil about 3 years ago

This is a known issue. See #32223 and sprockets 4.0.0 breaks Redmine 3.4.11 with Ruby <2.5.0. It'll probably be fixed in Redmine 3.4.12, 4.0.5 and 4.1.0. In the mean time you can fix it yourself by applying the workaround given by Go MAEDA in #32223#note-9.