Apache Configuration for 4.0.5 using CGI -- Missing file

Added by Michael King 11 months ago

OS:                CENTOS 7
Rails version      5.2.3
Ruby version       2.5.1-p57 (x86_64-linux)
RubyGems version   2.7.6
Rack version       2.0.7
Environment:       development
Database adapter   mysql2
Currently using Webrick for testing and on old system running Redmine 0.8

I just downloaded and setup Redmine 4.0.5 and went to setup Apache using CGI.

According to the documentation found in the How To section of the Wiki (https://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/HowTo_configure_Apache_to_run_Redmine) it indicated we needed to:

  • "Copy the public/dispatch.cgi.example to public/dispatch.cgi"

However the file dispatch.cgi does not exist only dispatch.fcgi.example.

The documentation implies that we could use mod_fcgid or mod_fastcgi but indicates these are not needed (Under Myths in Centos install).

So how do you setup CGI or do we now need to use mod_fcgid and/or mod_fastcgi; and if so which is better?

(I did see the discussion later in the HowTo under the title mod_fastcgi, but it too indicated we should be able to run in CGI and actually suggested we do this first)

I have the system installed and running using webrick having converted our data from older Redmine, but want to convert native Apache (and ideally SSL)