Strange problem with email notifications on Redmine 4.0.4

Added by Diego Smalinsky 2 months ago

I'm having a hard time trying to debug what's happening with email notifications on our Redmine 4.0.4

We use Gsuite SMTP Relay service configured with a specific account, exclusive for sending Redmine email alerts.

Also, comprehensive mail storage is configured and have checked the setting "Ensure that a copy of all sent and received mail is stored in associated users' mailboxes_" on GSuite.
So, any time an email is delivered using the GSuite specific account, a copy of the email can be seen on the Sent folder for that account.

We enabled this configuration because we were having repeated and consistent user reports of don't receiving email notifications sometimes.

Using this setup I did manage to reproduce the problem several times for example:

1) User A creates ticket asigned to B and having A,B,C as watchers (we always put assignees also as watchers as a backup measure)
Email notifications are sent for A,B,C --> OK: Expected behaviour

2) User A updates the ticket and assigns the issue to C.
Email notifications are sent to A and B. C does not get a notification even when it's Watcher + have the ticket assigned to him.

I cannot fully find a pattern for this bug, most of the times it appears when updating the "Assigned to:" property of the ticket and the missing.

Can someone help me debug if it's definitely a bug on Redmine side or some strange problem with GSuite SMTP Relay Service?

Is there an easy way to log each time an email notification is sent?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Strange problem with email notifications on Redmine 4.0.4 - Added by Diego Smalinsky about 1 month ago

Ok, found the way to log all the emails on this FAQ

I just need to uncomment the following line on config/environments/production.rb:

config.action_mailer.logger = nil

Will try to reproduce the error again with full logging enabled to see what's going on under the hood.