New Issue -> automatic change project_id

Added by David Carma 2 months ago

I need help, I'm new in redmine/rails development, and I'm totally lost.

The question is: if the user open a new issue in wrong project (one project per country), and before/after user save that issue, my created plugin must change this new issue's project_id automatically, that the new issue save to the correct country project.
I know the right country, because the form has a custom town field.

I read many-many tutorials, but exactly non of them gave a full, step-by-step answer.
I saw the before/after_save, but I dont't know, how can I use it in my plugin. How can read the wrong project_id from new issue? How can extend issue save methode?


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RE: New Issue -> automatic change project_id - Added by Tibor Racz about 1 month ago


Use the Custom Workflow Plugin instead of own plugin development. Much easier.

Custom Workflow Plugin: