Custom bookmarks in theme problem

Added by Marek Kreft almost 13 years ago


As I'm quite new to ruby, and to Redmine aswell I'm realy counting on your help on this.
I came on to some serious problem when trying to customize bookmarks in project menu.
When I started I tought that the menu will be created as standard in some view file like "show.rhtml", but it turned out that this menu is core generated by function "render_main_menu" used in "base.rhtml". I wouldn't like to override core files just to improve the layout of Redmine, so I would like to ask is there any other options to add two div tags to the bookmarks? Best it would be to change only the theme files, as I wouldn't like to have those divs in any other theme (as this could cause some troubles I guess), but I don't know whether it is possible.

Than you for any help.