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07:44 Redmine Open discussion: RE: "The page you were looking for doesn't exist."
"I have all the steps done" .. that doesn't give to much information.. but did you ...
Marek Kreft


14:28 Redmine Feature #2503: History of Ticket-Description
Hello again.
This is what I figured out today. I think that this small fix improves things quite well.
In place...
Marek Kreft
11:25 Redmine Feature #2503: History of Ticket-Description
When can we expect this feature (or its alternative) to be implemented in Redmine core?
Marek Kreft


18:49 Redmine Open discussion: RE: Redmine on IIS walkthrough
Sorry for the lack of pictures. My mistake.
Go to your Redmine folder r-click on it and make sure that permissions...
Marek Kreft
18:40 Redmine Open discussion: Redmine on IIS walkthrough
As I see some movement on the Windows users side I would like to give it some more impact by this short How...
Marek Kreft
13:40 Redmine Defect #3612 (Closed): Changing original content of the issue won't leave any log info
When updating issue and changing its original content (with "more" option) there is no log info created about that ac... Marek Kreft


13:12 Redmine Help: Redmine file upload bug comming back
I was testing Redmine trunk v.2761 on file uploading (the issue solved in last stable version) the problem ...
Marek Kreft


11:01 Redmine Help: Custom bookmarks in theme problem
As I'm quite new to ruby, and to Redmine aswell I'm realy counting on your help on this.
I came on to som...
Marek Kreft


10:52 Redmine Plugins: RE: Patch for the Redmine Collapse plugin
Hello agian.
Misha, I know that you had some more changes to add (or test), and I would like to ask are there any ...
Marek Kreft


13:52 Redmine Plugins: RE: Budget plugin - Userwise across projects
The budget plugin in now days form is great, but with those changes it can be even better. If I may, I would like to ... Marek Kreft

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