Import Issue Precedes without Delay

Added by Sofia Miranda 11 months ago


I am testing redmine to help me track all my tasks.
For now I have been using the Bitnami Redmine Stack 4.2.1-2.

I want to be able to import a list of issues with Parent Tasks and Precedes columns, so I can follow the flow in the Gantt chart.

But the star dates and due dates that I plan on CSV are automatically changed. I assume it is due to the delay set by the precedes column.

Is there anyway to override the delay?

Thank you for your help.

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RE: Import Issue Precedes without Delay - Added by Lorenzo Meneghetti 6 months ago

Hi, it's not clear if you use parent/child relation or Precedes/Follows relation or both.
Precedes/Follows relation exists just to manage the start/end dates. You should relay only in parent/child relation.