How to request help

Added by Thomas Lecavelier about 16 years ago

Welcome in Redmine help forum.

Feel free to open a new topic when you're lost in the beautiful world of Redmine.

But before rushing on the "new topic" button, please consider these points:

  • Search if your problem was not already discuss here
  • Search if your problem has not already an entry in the HowTos section
  • Search if your problem has not already an answer in the FAQ

If you still need help, consider creating a new topic, following these recommandations:

  • Put a clear and descriptive topic. "HELPPPPPPPPP!!!!" is not descriptive. It's foolish.
  • Before explaining your problem, please add the following informations:
    - Ruby implementation and version
    - Rails version (rails --version)
    - Operating system (precise if you're using cygwin when running on Windows)
    - Database used, and its version
    - Ruby-aware server used: Webrick, Mongrel, Thin, etc. If you don't understand this point, you're using Webrick.

Don't forget to precise where you're meeting your problem in the application (creating an issue, adding a project, etc.)

Thank you.

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RE: How to request help - Added by Eric Davis about 16 years ago

Please also attach the output from running the following in your Redmine directory.


where YOUR_ENVIRONMENT is what you configured in config/database.yml (typically 'production' or 'development). This will help us see about your environment. Example:

$ RAILS_ENV=development script/about 
About your application's environment
Ruby version              1.8.6 (i486-linux)
RubyGems version          1.0.1
Rails version             2.0.2
Active Record version     2.0.2
Action Pack version       2.0.2
Active Resource version   2.0.2
Action Mailer version     2.0.2
Active Support version    2.0.2
Application root          /home/edavis/.common/dev/redmine
Environment               development
Database adapter          mysql
Database schema version   92