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Added by Mohamed El Habchi 2 months ago

I have created an external report page where I'm calling the data from the postgresql, for different type of reports
Now I need to get the data of particular project based on who close the issue, but from postgres issues table i'm not able to find any clue of closed/resolved by

Any guidance will be much appreciated

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RE: Issue closed by - Added by Fletcher Johnston about 1 month ago

Just taking a quick look at the table structure, and you probably need to join the `journals` and `journal_details` tables to find a `journal_details` entry where `prop_key` = 'status_id` and `value` = whatever your closed status ID is (I believe the default is 5). You'd have to work backward from there to join on the appropriate user and figure out who closed it most recently (since an issue can be opened and closed multiple times).