Redmine Not Working As Background Process Anymore - Only White Screen Appears After Accessing it

Added by Carlo Camerino about 13 years ago


i recently upgraded to the latest redmine trunk version which uses rails 2.3.4.
i'm having this problem in which redmine dies after executing it as a thread on a unix box.

I open an ssh terminal and then run the following command

> ruby script/server -p 8060 -e production &

after doing so, i press exit

> exit

before upgrading everything works fine, i can access my site properly.

But after upgrading whenever i do it,
only a white screen appears the process does not die but redmine only shows as white screen.

The white screen does not appear when I don't exit the terminal. everything works normally.
Btw, I don't close the terminal explicitly, i always use the exit command to exit from it.

I can't seem to figure out the cause of it.