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09:18 Redmine Defect #13231 (Closed): Can't Delete Watcher On Current Trunk 2.3.x
I upgraded our installation to the current trunk. One bug that i've noticed is that I can't properly delete a...


20:48 Redmine Feature #11851: Redmine Pseudo (For Linking) Issues - For Multiple Project Tracking
hi thanks for the advise
however in my use case, the issues reside in several different projects and some are unre...
12:29 Redmine Feature #11851 (New): Redmine Pseudo (For Linking) Issues - For Multiple Project Tracking
Is it possible to create a new issue which is actually just a link to an old issue.
For example I have an i...


13:22 Redmine Defect #8483: Content in the new custom field "referencing version table" is empty in a subprojec...


12:53 Redmine Defect #8031 (Closed): Internal Error when Using Rekonq When Updating An Issue
i always get an internal error when updating a redmine issue using rekonq 0.6.1 on kde 4.
i'm using kde 4.6.1...


21:16 Redmine Defect #3918 (Closed): Error When Clicking Date range On All Project Time Report
This can be accessed in http://<redmine_url>/time_entries/report
This only happens when I choose date range but wh...


12:29 Redmine Help: Redmine Not Working As Background Process Anymore - Only White Screen Appears After Accessi...
i recently upgraded to the latest redmine trunk version which uses rails 2.3.4.
i'm having this problem in wh...
11:33 Redmine Help: Problem With Upgrading To Current Trunk Revision
I'm having problems with upgrading to current trunk revision,
i keep on getting this problem....


18:22 Redmine Help: Repository Viewing Not Working After Backup And Restore
after i backup and restore the database, i can't view the repository fiel anymore.
i keep on getting this err...


12:40 Redmine Feature #3503 (Closed): Administrator Be Able To Modify Email settings Of Users
can there be a feature in which the administrator could modify the email settings of the user.
I don't want t...

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