How to view Issues based on Issue Status ?

Added by Jay Lepore over 10 years ago


I use Redmine as a place for website developers to keep abreast of the work we need done. When they are finished, they record the number of hours it took them.

I have created some

Come payday at the end of a week, I wish to be able to run a report showing how many hours they worked on which jobs.

I have created the following Issue Statuses: Not Assigned, Assigned, Resolved - Ready for QC, QC Failed - Returned to Dev, QC Passed - Pending Payment, Payment Issued.

I would like to be able to see a report of all jobs where I can get a list of issues that have their Issue Statuses = QC Passed - Pending Payment. I see no way to extract an issue report based on Issue Statuses

Is there a plugin in for this?

What sayeth the group?