issue to stay nonclosed but does'nt disturb me as active, or to stay closed but with right counted roadmap

Added by Ве Fio over 10 years ago

hi, folks(and sorry my bad english)

i actually stuck.
i do some bug fix on my project, and is about 80% but now i need to pause development 'cause docs isn't arrive.
i create a status "paused", in order to not mess on personal page active task i make it final state.
now in roadmap (i have 2 issues, first paused at 80% and another new one) it counted as finalised at 100% (i think according closed status), so roadmap is 50:50, that's somehow incorrect.

if I make "paused" as nonclose roadmap is correct, but I'll see it issue at no.1 on my personal page's issues(assigned to mine).

Is there a way to hide it from my page with correct persentage on poadmap (leave it open but hided for users)?
i'm newbie in redmine and a dumb in rails, so maybe a "best prectice" or a plugin.

thanks in advise