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14:06 Redmine Patch #6690: Redmine link to user profile
+1 Ве Fio


15:30 Redmine Feature #13448 (Closed): Parenttasks should be deleteable without touching their subtasks
Currently it can be easily overlooked that one is actually deleting some sub tasks. On the first view, the according ... Ве Fio


11:14 Redmine Feature #573: Spend time and Activity enhancement
+1 Ве Fio
10:47 Redmine Feature #7080: Alternate default activity in time logging
Some news here?
I'm wondering if there is a way to show activities (while time tracking) filtered by tracker.
Ве Fio


14:16 Redmine Help: User generated Custom Field Types - Possible?
our Company is evaluating Redmine for inhouse use currently but the Management is missing some key features...
Ве Fio


03:06 Redmine Feature #8364: Option to auto-create repositories
This would go nicely with an option to delete the repository when deleting projects (disabled by default to prevent m... Ве Fio


10:44 Redmine Defect #8564: Git: `git mv file file2` shows up as delete + add instead of rename
How about --find-copies? From reading the documentation, it did say that --find-copies-harder is expensive, but it di... Ве Fio


14:37 Redmine Help: RE: Wrong priority and tracker after Trac migration
Another issue is that the migration process ends with this error:
"rake aborted!
can't convert NilClass into time"
Ве Fio
14:32 Redmine Help: Wrong priority and tracker after Trac migration
I've migrated my Trac 0.12.2 db to Redmine,
The problem is that the priority is 'low' and tracker is 'bug' regardles...
Ве Fio


14:29 Redmine Defect #8542: Deprecation warning during upgrade
Did you upgrade Rails to 2.3.11? Ве Fio

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