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Added by Lars P. almost 16 years ago

Is anyone using Redmine for clients
We are considering allowing clients to report issues and see our comments /workflow on them.
As a test I made a new usergroup allowing them only Issues and news.

But it seems the client group have access to all issues anyway - thus making this solution impossible ( we do not want our client to see all our internal issues, and possibly questioning our priorities)

Any workaround?


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RE: Redmine for clients - Added by Thomas Lecavelier almost 16 years ago

Hi Lars,

Private issues should be available for version 0.8, according issue #337. If you have a look to it, it mentionnend a quite old patch that introduce a kind of private issue: maybe you could try it, waiting 0.8.

RE: Redmine for clients - Added by Anonymous almost 16 years ago

Hi Lars, we have only just started evaluating redmine as of last week (from trac) but our goal is to allow clients access to the database. So far, I've done as you have which is to create a new user group with minimum access, but haven't started to evaluate what this actually gives them yet.

I think it would be useful if it could be an option to have the 'private' issue default to true so that it is an action to expose an issue to a client.



RE: Redmine for clients - Added by Robert Cerny almost 16 years ago

You can create a project for every client and assign privileges only to correct project

RE: Redmine for clients - Added by Anonymous almost 16 years ago

Hi Robert, we do have that, but there are still issues etc within that project that we may not want the client to access and we don't want to move them to a separate project as this just makes tracking what needs to be done harder.