Multiple Redmine instances accessing a single DB?

Added by Michael Sanders about 12 years ago

I am looking in to ways of making the Issues module of a Redmine installation available to outside users while allowing internal users to access full functionality, including repository browsing, etc.

I am thinking in terms of the following architecture:

Server 1 (inside firewall)
- redmine, using DB hosted on server 2
- svn

Server 2 (in DMZ)
- redmine, accessible to external users
- redmine DB (MySQL or PostgreSQL)

Both instances of Redmine (on server 1 and server 2) would be pointed at the same DB running on server 2. Users accessing Redmine on Server 2 would be limited to the ticketing system. Users accessing Redmine via server 1 would get the full works (ticketing, wiki, svn integration

The reason for considering this (somewhat unorthodox) set up is that I do not wish either to host our SVN repository in the DMZ or punch a hole in the firewall so a Redmine server in the DMZ could access the SVN repository.

Could this work? Or would there be issues having two instances of Redmine use the same DB tables?


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RE: Multiple Redmine instances accessing a single DB? - Added by Fabio Peruzzo almost 3 years ago

Hi Michael,
did you succeed in your test? I'm searching too for a similar possibility.