Redmine trunk (rev3083) NoMethodError in 'find_current_user'

Added by Stefan Kesberg about 12 years ago

Hi all,

I'm trying to get the Redmine trunk (rev3083) to run on Ubuntu Hardy. Made a fresh checkout and a clean install but this is all I get when trying to access Redmine for the first time:

@Processing WelcomeController#index (for at 2009-11-22 09:25:53) [GET]
Parameters: {"action"=>"index", "controller"=>"welcome"}

NoMethodError (undefined method `length' for nil:NilClass):
app/controllers/application_controller.rb:48:in `find_current_user'
app/controllers/application_controller.rb:42:in `user_setup'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/httpserver.rb:104:in `service'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/httpserver.rb:65:in `run'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:173:in `start_thread'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:162:in `start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:162:in `start_thread'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:95:in `start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:92:in `each'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:92:in `start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:23:in `start'
/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/webrick/server.rb:82:in `start'

Rendering /var/www/redmine-trunk/public/500.html (500 Internal Server Error)@

This is the output of "script/about":

About your application's environment
Ruby version 1.8.6 (x86_64-linux)
RubyGems version 1.3.5
Rack version 1.0
Rails version 2.3.4
Active Record version 2.3.4
Active Resource version 2.3.4
Action Mailer version 2.3.4
Active Support version 2.3.4
Application root /var/www/redmine-trunk
Environment production
Database adapter mysql
Database schema version 20091114105931

Someone who has a hint for me?

With kind regards,


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RE: Redmine trunk (rev3083) NoMethodError in 'find_current_user' - Added by Phil Hord about 12 years ago

I'm getting this, too. -r3087

I cloned my database and migrated my settings. I followed the upgrade path.

I got some errors db:migrating my plugins (tables already existed?). But i got the same upgrading to 0.8-stable and it worked ok.

The problem went away when I cleared my session cookies. I'm not ruby-fluent at all, so I can't tell why this happened.

Hope this helps...

RE: Redmine trunk (rev3083) NoMethodError in 'find_current_user' - Added by Stefan Kesberg about 12 years ago


thanks for sharing this. The Problem is now fixed in rev3094 ( :)

Thanks again.