Uploading a .key (Apple Keynote) file fails

Added by Ontje Helmich almost 16 years ago

I'm running 0.7.1 on Ubuntu 8.04, with Apache2 and a mongrel_cluster.

Upload of image, xml and other files work, however if I try to upload a Keynote presentation (.key), it fails. The application log shows the following error:

/!\ FAILSAFE /!\  Fri May 23 00:29:13 +0200 2008
  Status: 500 Internal Server Error
  bad content body

I currently encourage my users to put .key files into an zip-archive, as uploading these work, however this workaround is pretty inconvinient.

Is this a server misconfiguration or a bug in redmine? Any help is appreciated.


Ontje Helmich

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RE: Uploading a .key (Apple Keynote) file fails - Added by Robert Cerny almost 16 years ago

The problem is that .key file is not a file in a reality, but a folder. Mac OS X developers call it bundle... It has a lot of files inside, you can check them using Show package contents command from Finder

RE: RE: Uploading a .key (Apple Keynote) file fails - Added by Mat Schaffer almost 16 years ago

I don't think there's any way to make a standard html for take a keynote file. You'd probably have to employ some sort of java or flash uploader that would zip the file on it's way to the server. Such an uploader would have to be developed. Having your users zip the file is probably the easiest option.

You could also consider using your repository to store the files if you're using something like git or mercurial. Subversion wouldn't work though since it tries to put .svn folders inside the .key folder.