Extra query operators plugin

Added by Vitaly Klimov about 12 years ago

Redmine extra query operators plugin

Plugin adds extra operators to issues query, allowing to select exact dates and offsets from current date. Also this plugin adds ability to use regular expressions in text fields

Details are available at http://www.redmine.org/plugins/redmine_extra_query_operators

Please download latest version of the plugin from plugin page!

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RE: Extra query operators plugin - Added by Terence Mill about 10 years ago

Does this plugin also enabled to filter by description?
Is there any git (hub) repo sintead of files spread in forum?

However i found this repo on github quite uptodate https://github.com/dkuk/redmine_extra_query_operators

See related redmine issue also #1159

RE: Extra query operators plugin - Added by cross lee about 9 years ago

Kamil Strzelczyk wrote:

Problem was resolved

I got the same error and would you do me a favor to tell me how to resolved it?

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