Issue Closed Date

Added by Chris Darts almost 12 years ago

I have been trying to install the 'Issue Closed Date' plugin (, but seem to be having problems getting it to work with Redmine v1.1.2.

After installation, when clicking on the 'Issues' tab for a specific project I receive the following error:

NoMethodError in Issues#index

Showing app/views/queries/_filters.rhtml where line #75 raised:

undefined method `[]' for :date:Symbol

Extracted source (around line #75):

72: <tr>
73: <td>
74: <table>
75: <% query.available_filters.sort{|a,b| a[1][:order]<=>b[1][:order]}.each do |filter| %>
76:     <% field = filter[0]
77:        options = filter[1] %>
78:     <tr <%= 'style="display:none;"' unless query.has_filter?(field) %> id="tr_<%= field %>" class="filter">

Trace of template inclusion: app/views/issues/index.rhtml

Any ideas? I've posted the same problem on the author's github issue list, but so far have received no response.

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RE: Issue Closed Date - Added by Sean Russell about 10 years ago

This clone claims to support 2.0, as of cset d3013870e

RE: Issue Closed Date - Added by Harald Schmidt over 8 years ago

this seems to be the plugin I need ( create changelogs by "closed date" ).
I'm running redmine 2.2.2.stable I tried to use the mentioned branch supporting 2.0 but I'm getting error

uninitialized constant IssueQuery

when running
rake redmine:plugins:migrate

Does anyone have an idea what to do?

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