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Added by mitul gupta about 12 years ago

I have installed the redcase plugin on my redmine, but there is only one status option available for me while creating a new issue, so due to this reason i am unable to execute my test cases.

can anybody help me out to resolve this problem ?


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RE: Redcase Plugin - Added by Terence Mill over 11 years ago

dagobert dagobert wrote:

Unfortunately, i don't know, how to do the changes on a central place. So i have to do it on every place.
The following changes and enhancements are required in redcase script.js:

If you need a central place to down- and upstream to, you can use the github repo

I also did some locale things.

RE: Redcase Plugin - Added by Terence Mill over 11 years ago

For some installation we have found this bug:

The openflashchart is not rendered, instead you see this


Where is this path configured? Couöld be hardoded in the swf-file
Open flash works on other plugins perfectly, so that could not be the cause

RE: Redcase Plugin - Added by Victor Dulepov over 11 years ago

Doe not work for me, no matter what version I use (tried 0.116, 0.144 and 0.149 from sourceforge and the latest one from github).

I can create test cases via New Issue, but if I click on the Test Cases tab, it's always an error 500 with the following in the log:

0.0155 sec(s): Getting graph information
[Redcase] Time calculation: Getting all project issues

ActiveRecord::ConfigurationError (Association named 'test_case' was not found; perhaps you misspelled it?):
  vendor/plugins/redcase/app/controllers/redcase_controller.rb:55:in `index'

RE: Redcase Plugin - Added by anna c over 9 years ago

If I set a role to have just "execute test cases" and "View test cases", a user who is in this role should be able to see "Execute" and "Report" two tabs under the "Test Case" right? but my user can only see "Report" tab, do I miss some setting?

redmine 2.3.3
redcase 1.0 beta 2.0