William Roush has stolen me Advanced roadmap plugin

Added by Emilio González Montaña over 10 years ago

On http://www.redmine.org/plugins/advanced_roadmap Willian Roush declares to have developed the plugin "Redmine advanced roadmap".

That plugin was developed by myself several years ago, this can be demostrated via my own Redmine roadmap versions:


First version (0.0.1) was released on 2009/07/04.

I would like to register my plugin on the Plugin Wiki database, but the plugin ID is busy by Willian's copied one. Please consider the option to delete/rename Willian's one to allow me registering mine. Already done

Best regards,
Emilio González Montaña.

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RE: William Roush has stolen me Advanced roadmap plugin - Added by William Roush over 10 years ago

Hey, William here, wouldn't say "stolen", all credit is given, no license was supplied, and had been abandoned for awhile when I picked it up (including my tickets with you as per it breaking with Redmine back then) because the community needed it working (figured I'd share my fixes and people would supply some of their own... and they have), so I opened up the Bitbucket setup for people to submit patches for it.

Other than that, I'd be glad to relinquish the ID on the plug-in (I'm assuming you mean the identifier? I've updated that so that it's free.), I was hoping I'd get more help to get it up to date anyway. Redmine 2.0 + backwards compatibility support for this plugin is being a bit stubborn anyway and I have other plug ins I'd like to work on.

I'll also ship you the patch for the performance enhancement that is ActiveBase compatible, being as those of us with large projects have needed that too (and I'm still testing what I have, but you can eyeball it and decide if you want to go down that path or implement your own, it's just a minor change by pre-joining all required data, I also attempted caching but that was overly complicated for what is pretty much ActiveBase hitting it's cache 1800 times that can be avoided with joins).

I went ahead and trashed the plugin on the directory so you'll be the only one that comes up during the search, assuming you'll have all fixes we did either from the open source project or already implemented there is no reason to keep a fork around (there is also support for Chinese too thanks to archonwang).

Willian Roush declares to have developed the plugin

Also, if you read any of the docs/wiki/about/plugin authors:

Original Project Lead: Emilio González Montaña

Open Source Contributors:

William Roush
archonwang (Chinese translation)

I make no such claim, it's the Plugin Directory that doesn't allow me to rename who the author is, it is whoever submits it to the directory, it's kind of lame (for any of us that simply HOST open sourced projects).

RE: William Roush has stolen me Advanced roadmap plugin - Added by William Roush over 10 years ago

No problem, if you want to check out Bitbucket, we have 2.0 working minus the form for Milestones, you'll want to diff that and remove all the MySQL optimizations and figure out how to get the milestones working correctly, then you should be compatible for Redmine 1.1-2.0.

We also have a working 1.4 setup too, save you some time to just check the commits on that.

RE: William Roush has stolen me Advanced roadmap plugin - Added by Alex Bevilacqua about 10 years ago

William was doing some great work moving this plugin forwards. I really don't think anyone working on any aspect of Redmine would ever claim to steal anything; especially if there's no financial incentive.

Also it's kind of hard to steal something that's open source ;)