projects_tree_view plugin doesn't work

Added by Vano Egler almost 11 years ago

Hello. I set up Redmine version 2.2.3, and then tried to get projects_tree_view working. These two versions: and then
No luck. Nothing changed.
When I'm far from Ruby and Redmine, I could not even start to investigate, what's and where is wrong. I'd like to turn on logging for plugins events, but don't know why.

When I uncomment following lines in production.rb:
#config.logger =, 7, 1048576)
#config.logger.level = Logger::INFO
I got an error "undefined method `log_path' for #<Rails::Application::Configuration:0x7f0f0ce3fef0>"

My enviroment: Ubuntu 12.04, Redmine 2.2.3, Ruby 1.8.7, Rails 3.2.12.