Error plugin MEETINGS when i create a meeting

Added by Fernando Mantovani over 9 years ago

Hello friends, i have redmine bitnami stack 1.3.0-1 and im backup redmine from other machine (same version), i exported my database and all is running OK, but my plugin meeting have a problem. I just copy the file redmine_meeting to my vendor/plugin and rake. I open my redmine and i can go in meetings, i check my old meetings normaly.

When i try to create a meeting, gives me INTERNAL ERROR (500). In log:

"Processing MeetingsController#create_meeting (for at 2014-06-23 14:10:46) [POST]
Parameters: {"end_time"=>{"minute"=>"10", "hour"=>"15"}, "commit"=>"Criar", "notify_participants"=>"on", "project_id"=>"reunioes", "action"=>"create_meeting", "authenticity_token"=>"82Apw/EFnSmJmONH0zKVgcKakLNJgvrMeZ/bvpeHc3E=", "meeting"=>{"location"=>"teste", "start_date_date"=>"2014-06-23", "subject"=>"teste", "description"=>"teste", "end_date_date"=>"2014-06-23"}, "controller"=>"meetings", "attachments"=>{"1"=>{"description"=>""}}, "start_time"=>{"minute"=>"10", "hour"=>"14"}}

ActionView::MissingTemplate (Missing layout layouts/mailer.text.plain.erb in view path vendor/plugins/redmine_better_gantt_chart/app/views:vendor/plugins/redmine_issue_checklist/app/views:vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/views:app/views):
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/models/meeting_mailer.rb:102:in `send_meeting'
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/models/meeting_mailer.rb:101:in `send_meeting'
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/models/meeting.rb:77:in `deliver'
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/models/meeting.rb:76:in `each'
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/models/meeting.rb:76:in `deliver'
vendor/plugins/redmine_meetings/app/controllers/meetings_controller.rb:108:in `create_meeting'
config/initializers/mongrel_cluster_with_rails_211_fix.rb:62:in `dispatch_cgi'

Rendering C:/Program Files/BitNami Redmine Stack/apps/redmine/public/500.html (500 Internal Server Error)"

I´m new in redmine, i have a mission to export redmine to another machine, and i have sucessful, but my plugin meeting
have this error.

Someone could help me?

Sorry, but my english is bad.


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RE: Error plugin MEETINGS when i create a meeting - Added by Arnaud Martel about 9 years ago

Hi Fernando,

Last release of redmine_meetings is only for redmine 2.x.
Download and install this version : redmine_meetings for redmine 1.2
it should solve your errors...

RE: Error plugin MEETINGS when i create a meeting - Added by Fernando Mantovani about 9 years ago

Thanks Arnaud, i solved the problem.
I just copy the file redmine\app\view\layout\mailer.text.plain.erb of my old backup to my new redmine.
Thanks for help.