Scrum Sprint board problems

Added by Christof Leuenberger over 5 years ago

Hi folks

I am trying out the Scrum plugin (thanks Emilio!) and can't seem to get the Sprint board to work properly.
My plugin settings:

Task statuses for Sprint board: In progress, resolved
PBI statuses for Product Backlog & Sprint board: New

(does this make sense?)

This gives me a table with 3 cols on my Sprint board: Product backlog items, In Progress, Resolved.
In the Product backlog items col all the tasks with status "new" are listed for the current sprint. So far so good.
However, when I edit one of the tasks and change it's status to "In Progress", it vanishes from the board. Same deal when I change it to "Resolved".

The expected behavior (imo) is that the task should then show up in the column "In Progress", as seen here:

Other questions:
  • On this page tasks #891 and #892 show up next to each other. Why is this?
  • How is the priority of a PBI determined? Top of the list = most important?
  • What is the "Pending effort" in the Burndown charts and tasks?

Thanks for any help!

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RE: Scrum Sprint board problems - Added by lg sb about 5 years ago

Hi Christof Leuenberger,

I have the same unsolved problem.
Someone just told me I should create task categories to solve that. But I dont know which categories I should create to
solve the problem.

Did you solve it? How?

thanks in advance.


RE: Scrum Sprint board problems - Added by Christof Leuenberger about 5 years ago

Hi Luiz

No I regret I did not find a solution to the problem.
I used the plugin for one project and worked around the issue by not setting issues to "in progress".
I opened the issue on the plugin author's site as well:
Maybe you'll have more luck asking over there.