Piwik Analytics plug-in

Added by Scott Switzer about 14 years ago

Hello -

I made a plug-in (actually, derived from the excellent Google Analytics plugin) which will allow Piwik Analytics to be used inside Redmine.

I would like to post on the plug-ins pages of Redmine if possible. Can someone let me know how I can get privileges to edit a wiki page?

Many thanks,

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RE: Piwik Analytics plug-in - Added by Eric Davis almost 14 years ago

If you want to post your content and attach any screenshots or downloads here I'd be happy to add it to the wiki for you. You can also email them to me if they are larger than what is allowed here.


RE: Piwik Analytics plug-in - Added by Thomas M almost 14 years ago

I will be interested in trying this plugin on my install, any news ?

RE: Piwik Analytics plug-in - Added by Jason Antman about 11 years ago


I'm very interested in this as well - I'll probably do my own fork of the Google Analytics plugin if I don't hear back.

Is the code available anywhere?

RE: Piwik Analytics plug-in - Added by Thomas Capricelli over 10 years ago

There used to be a plugin that still works with redmine 1.2, but once updated to redmine 2.1, I couldn't find anything.

Integrating piwik is just a matter of adding few lines to the main templates. But for those like me who don't know ruby/rails/redmine, it's hard to find. Can someone more in the knowledge of redmine internals give some hint ??

RE: Piwik Analytics plug-in - Added by Thomas Capricelli about 10 years ago

Ok, the plugin is definitely unmaintained and not functional anymore.

BUT, you can use piwik by adding the tracker code to the file :


I do add it in the <div id="footer">, but you can probably add it somewhere else. You NEED to restart your web application server for this change to be noticed (i use 'thin').

I confirm it works here.